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Keynote speaker

The Internet of Things & IETF standardization
JP Vasseur, Cisco Fellow

The so-called Internet of Things (or IP Smart Object Networks) have made major progress over the past few years. Without a doubt a number of technologies have emerged at all layers of the communication stack but even more importantly the IoT has moved from a set of proprietary architectures and protocols with the associated well-know caveats to architectures relying on IPv6 with several new standardized protocols. In this keynote, we will first review the evolution of these network over the past 5 years before providing a detailed state of art on what is now seen as the IoT in terms of architecture and protocols, entirely based on standardized IP protocols. We will conclude this key note with examples of currently deployed large-scale networks based on this architecture in addition to perspectives on the evolution on the IoT.

JP Vasseur is a Cisco Fellow where he works on IP/MPLS architecture specifications, Traffic Engineering, network recovery and “The Internet of Things” (architecture, algorithms and protocols). Before joining Cisco in ‘98, he worked for several Service Providers in large multi-protocol environments. He is an active member of the IETF (co-author of more than 35 IETF RFCs), co-chair of the IETF PCE (Path Computation Element) and the ROLL (Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks (ROLL) Working Groups. JP is also involved in several standardization bodies (IEEE, ITU) for the specifications of low power technologies for the Internet of Things. JP is a regular speaker at various international conferences, he is involved in various research projects in the area of IP/Sensor Networks/Internet of Things and the member of a number of Technical Program Committees. He is the (co)inventor of more than 230 patents in the area of IP/MPLS and The Internet of Things. He is the coauthor of “Network Recovery” (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2004), “Definitive MPLS Network Designs” (Cisco Press, March 2005) and "Interconnecting Smart Object with IP: The Next Internet (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2010 - JP received an engineering degree in computer Science (France), a Master of Science in Computer Science (Steven - USA) and PhD in Networking (Mines-Telecom Paris – France).