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Thursday 14.02.2013

Poster session

Session chairs: Omprakash Gnawali (University of Houston) and
Eli De Poorter (Ghent University)

1. A Multi-Service Wireless Lamp Post Backbone for Smart Cities - Centralized vs Distributed Control
Melchiorre Danilo Abrignani, Cengiz Gezer, and Roberto Verdone (DEI - University of Bologna, Italy)
2. Enhancing user privacy in probe-based traffic monitoring systems using distributed computing
Ahmad Dehwah, Mustafa Mousa, Edward Canepa, Enas Odat, Jiming Jiang and Christian Claudel (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
3. u-BeepBeep: Low Energy Acoustic Ranging on Mobile Devices (BEST POSTER AWARD)
Gurmanjeet S. Sidhu, Arundeep Kamboj (Indian Institute of Technology - Patna, India), Prasant Misra (Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden), Salil Kanhere, and Sanjay Jha (University of New South Wales, Australia)
4. Utilizing Hardware AES Encryption for WSNs
Felix Büsching, Andreas Figur, Dominik Schürmann, and Lars Wolf (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)
5. A Reliable Support Tool for Monitoring, Testing and Debugging Wireless Sensor Cookie Nodes
Gabriel Mujica, Jorge Portilla, and Teresa Riesgo (Centro de Electronica Industrial, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
6. Route-back delivery protocol for Collection Tree Protocol-based applications
Victor Rosello (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), David Boyle (Imperial College London, England), Jorge Portilla, Teresa Riesgo (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), and Brendan O’Flynn (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland)
7. Non-Invasive Measurement of Core Body Temperature in Marathon Runners
Carlo Alberto Boano and Kay Roemer (University of Luebeck, Germany)
8. Spray, Embracing Multimodality
Niklas Wirström, Prasant Misra, and Thiemo Voigt (Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden)
9. ToleranceZone : A Self-Stabilizing Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
Stefan Lohs, Reinhardt Karnapke and Jörg Nolte (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany)
10. Continuous Integration for Wireless Sensor Network Operating SystemsThomas Pötsch, Markus Becker, and Carmelita Görg (University of Bremen, Germany)
11. Opportunistic RPL
Simon Duquennoy (Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden) and Olaf Landsiedel (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
12. Using a heterogeneous sensor network to monitor glacial movement
K. Martinez, P. J. Basford, D. De Jager, and J. K. Hart (University of Southampton, UK)
13. Improving In-Network Aggregation by Exploiting the Broadcast Nature of Wireless Communications
Evy Troubleyn, Lieven Tytgat, Ingrid Moerman and Piet Demeester (Ghent
University – iMinds, Belgium)
14. Wireless Light-weight Snow Sensor
Vojtech Julina (Satturn Holesov, Ltd., Czech Republic), Milan Simek, Miroslav Botta, Lubomir Mraz, and Vladimir Cervenka (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)