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Special session

New this year is the industry presentation session with the goal of educating sensor researchers about the 'do and don't's when setting up a (start-up) sensor company. Several WSN (start-up) companies will talk about how they created their own WSN (start-up) company, which problems they encountered, why they failed / succeeded and how they see the future for sensor (start-up) companies. This is a unique opportunity to learn how you use (your own) WSN research to create your own start-up company.

Friday 15.02.2013

Special industry session

Session chair: Koen Langendoen (Delft University of Technology)

1. Ant Micro - Michael Gielda -


Networking within WS Networking
While setting up a WSN company you might think that it's wireless sensor networking that you'll be dealing with, but it's another kind of networking that will - and should - probably take up most of your time. Meeting the right persons on your way is sometimes more important than any technological advantage.


Ant Micro works with embedded software and systems for the Internet of Things, wireless sensor networks and industrial applications. We help our customers create great products which take advantage of the latest technological developments.


Michael  Gielda has gone out of research, where he dealt with wireless sensor networks and smart devices, to co-found his own company, Ant Micro. He deals with building and maintaining partnerships and customer relations.


2. Greenpeak - Tim Allemeersch -


Different wireless standards for different sensor applications, importance of open standards.
Standards, are they a blessing or a curse? A lot of people often consider them as too restricting and a compromise. However, during this session GreenPeak will discuss the importance of open standards in order to have your product adopted.


GreenPeak Technologies ( is a fabless semiconductor company and is one of the leaders in the ZigBee market segment with a rich offering of semiconductor products and software technologies for Smart Home data communications and the Internet of Things.


Tim Allemeersch started his career as a researcher at Ghent University, investigating low-power sensor solutions for wireless building automation. He then joined GreenPeak to support customers in rolling out low-power wireless sensor networks. Currently he is supporting service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers in making the step to the smart home.


3. Munisense - Hans Mulder -


Munisense: a retrospective in 15 minutes
Using its 4+ year history as a guide, I will present a few of the successes and pitfalls of a start-up company that provides wireless sensing/actuation products and services.


Munisense BV (Leiden, the Netherlands, provides a managed infrastructure for wireless sensing and actuation. Munisense makes use of international standards and the safety and reliability of proven internet technologies. Munisense makes it possible to integrate sensing/actuation rapidly in specific organisational settings. The managed infrastructure makes it possible for the customer to concentrate on improving product/service quality, reducing cost, and improving the work environment through real-time insight in environment, assets, processes, etc., and through deep analysis of continuous historical data.


Hans Mulder (Co-founder/director) has 30 year experience in the high-tech industry as researcher, engineer, R&D manager and technology strategist (Stanford University, Delft University, Intel Corporation, Munisense). He is an industry leader in the R&D of wireless sensor networks and an experienced builder of engineering and research teams. He is very aware of the pitfalls and potential successes of introducing disruptive technologies.


4. Track4C - Opher Yaron -


Step out of your comfort zone!
In this 15 minutes talk I will share the view that innovation and entrepreneurship require stepping out of our comfort zone in many different aspects. I will touch on a few specific topics that are of particular relevance to the field of wireless sensor networks.


Track4c is about “Making global supply chains transparent and reliable”. To achieve this goal it develops proprietary technology and an evolving management platform. Track4c is unique in delivering affordable and effective solutions for transparent supply chains and green/secure trade lanes.


Opher Yaron is an expert in data communication networks. He has more than 20 years of experience in the high tech industry in various technical, managerial and leadership positions, for established and start-up companies in the areas of landline, mobile and wireless communications. Opher is the CTO of Track4c. Prior to joining Track4c he was a senior researcher at Ghent University, focusing on cooperative and cognitive networks.


5. SOWNET Technologies  - Winelis Kavelaars - 


MoNet – More than a painter
In 2008, SOWNet has developed a painting security system (GuartNet) based on its proprietary low power protocol. In 2010 SOWNet expanded the concept of art monitoring by including various sensor technologies supported by a single infrastructure platform called MoNet.

SOWNet Technologies is a Dutch company that was founded in 2006 by its current general manager Winelis Kavelaars, as a spin-out of the Dutch research institute TNO. SOWNet specializes in wireless sensor networks and has developed in the past 7 years a few monitoring systems together with universities, research institutes and companies in the Netherlands.


Winelis Kavelaars received his bachelor in electro technical engineering in 1999 from the University of Utrecht. In 2000 he joined TNO in the Netherlands, where he held various engineering and management positions. In 2006 he founded SOWNet Technologies, a company specialized in wireless sensor networks.



6. Ambient Systems - Paul Havinga - 


The WSN roller coaster
In this presentation, I will describe my hectic journey at Ambient Systems from a young startup seeking applications for a technology, getting investment money, going through various management changes, and currently eagerly looking for a breakthrough in sales. I will further address aspects like my experiences with research projects, standardization and patents.


Ambient Systems is a WSN company established in 2004. Unlike most other Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies, the Ambient Network is specifically designed for highly dynamic application scenarios, such as Supply Chain applications, and characterizes itself due to its capability to scale to up to hundreds of sensor nodes and remain energy-efficient enough to operate on batteries and solar-power only.


Paul Havinga initiated and coordinated in 2001 the first European project on wireless sensor networks EYES. In 2004 he founded the company Ambient Systems B.V., partly based on the results of that project. He received the ICT Innovation Award for the successful transfer of knowledge from university to industrial use, and the "van den Kroonenberg award" for being a successful innovative entrepreneur. In 2008 he co-founded the company Inertia Technology that develops vibration and motion sensing systems based on wireless inertial sensing systems.



7. Koubachi - Moritz Koehler -


Koubachi - A Smart Object Company
The speaker will cover his experiences in starting an IoT business out of university, designing and manufacturing products and bringing them on the market.


Koubachi provides products and services around Smart Objects. The company's two main products are the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor and the Koubachi Smart Object Server. Koubachi currently has 12 employees and is profitable.


Moritz Köhler started Koubachi while he was pursuing his PhD at ETH Zürich. At Koubachi he is responsible for product development, production and logistics.